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By | May 27, 2011

Congrats to all my friends at SCAD that will be graduating next week, I couldn’t be happier for you!

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By | April 18, 2011

{IMAGE SOURCE:PAPER MAGAZINE} ED FELLA Do you know Ed Fella? I didn’t either until I came to SCAD and then he became vitally important one chilly October day. We had to blindly make art by hand (BY. HAND.) when we opened a random Ed Fella quote. Go ahead, look up some of the craziness he […]

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By | April 1, 2011

There was a job posting this morning in my inbox. You know, the kind where you think: the kids can make their own breakfast this morning, I need to get this out. Art school/higher ed., online, graphic design. I wanted it bad or at least to be considered for it. The first page as I […]

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By | March 23, 2011

I created these posters once again for the poster design class at SCAD winter 2011. This particular series is for some upcoming shows at the Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago. It was a struggle and it was fun. I have always enjoyed the journey that design takes me on. Unlike the definite finality that comes along […]

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