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By | August 29, 2011

My thesis has been submitted. You cannot imagine the weight off my shoulders. Granted, I loved every single solitary second of graduate school at SCAD, but still – there is relief. My thesis advisors (Trudy, Sarah and Sharon) were absolutely amazing for continuing to push me into this uncharted territory. For my thesis, I imagined […]

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By | July 18, 2011

Tibor Kalman It’s been a while, no? I’ve been a little busy on the ol’ thesis. There are good days and bad. Like all design, it is a journey. One frustrating, teary day, I whined to my husband that I have no business discussing the topic of education when its not even what I am […]

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By | July 8, 2011

Sure, I have loads to do. And my thesis… it may never be done. But it’s summer and it’s friday and this is by far the superior version of this video. It just needed to happen.

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By | June 7, 2011

I went to the Morton Arboretum Monday with my friend Maggie to sneak in one last day before summer break officially begins and we each have 3 little ones home with us day and night. **sigh** and I try to finish my thesis (yes, ummm, I knew it wouldn’t be this easy – what was […]

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By | May 20, 2011

Loving my Friday friends: Denise joined a book club. I love reading, but hate having someone else choose what I should read. I will have to consider after my thesis is finished (going swimmingly btw…) She also has created another set of fabulous letterpress coasters. Whenever I stop futzing over color, she will be doing […]

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By | April 1, 2011

There was a job posting this morning in my inbox. You know, the kind where you think: the kids can make their own breakfast this morning, I need to get this out. Art school/higher ed., online, graphic design. I wanted it bad or at least to be considered for it. The first page as I […]

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By | March 24, 2011

                        {IMAGE SOURCE/BUY IT HERE: SONO DESIGN COLLECTION} My re-decorated by magical elves future office must include this amazing clock. I mean…gah! Combined with this poster. Okay, I have to stop imaginary shopping online and focus on my thesis reading. After I finished “The […]

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By | March 24, 2011

                            I just finished Nicholas Carr’s “The Shallows”. If you are unfamiliar, it expands upon his essay in Atlantic Monthly magazine titled “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” in which he claims that we are rapidly loosing our ability to concentrate, focus and […]

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By | March 22, 2011

These two words. I swear, they give me the vapors every time I want to use them. First comes the acknowledgement that it is the only word that will due (sometimes, I will just try to change my sentence structure if I am feeling too much stress), then comes the big red dictionary from 1993, […]

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